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web design in Lower Darwen

If you have been comparing prices for web design in Lower Darwen, then, by now, you probably realise that the kinds of websites and prices differ wildly. So how do you know what website you want? And more to the point, how much is a feasible price to pay for it?

Envisage strolling down the high street one day, gazing in at the shop windows – which ones would attract you to go and shop there? Would it be the store windows that look clean, crisp and appealing, selling all the goods you were looking for, or a shop window that lacks appeal, looks old-fashioned, and doesn’t show you anything what you’re looking for?

It’s an easy decision really, but you would be surprised at how many companies fall short. In these technological times, your company website is your store window. It needs to make a confident all – important first impression.

Looking for affordable web design in Lower Darwen

If you are just starting out in a new business, and your pockets aren’t all that deep, you are going to need a website that ticks all your boxes and covers your company’s needs. Finding a web designer, you can trust that is affordable, reliable and will work their magic for you is paramount.

So, if you are looking for web design in Lower Darwen, what should you be looking at first?

Identify your business.
First call is getting the type of site you need. If you’ve done any research into this, you will note that there are many different websites available. Such as:
E-Commerce/Online Shops;
Business to Business Services;
Business to Consumer Services;
Public Services;
Portfolio Services;
Magazine/News Sites;
Auction Sites;

Once you have identified the kind of website you need, the next step is to agree on structure and form. These should include:

A good website should be easy to navigate, be consistent in branding and colour, while looking clean and easy enough for customers to browse through with ease.

Relevant Features Only.
Don’t over-complicate your website. It can be tempting to add flash banners, responsive galleries, and all the bells and whistles to a site, but by doing so, you are taking your customer away from buying, and distracting them with glitter and razzmatazz.

Be Reachable.
It’s not enough to have a contact page, you need to have a one-click system, so that customers can call you from any mobile device, direct from their phones. As more people go online from their smartphones, websites need to be responsive across all devices.

Once you know what to aim for, then comes the next step. What do you want from your website? Apart from being a shop window, there are many back-end things going on behind the scenes, such as:

Content Management;
List and email management;
Software updates;
Newsletter Creation;
Traffic analysis;
Copywriting & Article Creation;
Social Media Management;
Payment Terminals

So how much should a business be looking at spending on a website? Well there’s no clear answer – it depends on the type of site and maintenance you are after. This was why establish Baywolf Design – to offer customers affordable websites, without skimping on quality, and providing excellent customer service. Our prices start from just £399 for a 3-page website and professional email address.

For free, friendly and professional advice for web design in Lower Darwen, give us a call today on 07832928110 or email us at hello@baywolfdesign.co.uk


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